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Historical Spanish Town

For more than two hundred years, this National Historic District founded in 1805 known as Spanish Town’s illustrates the various changes of Baton Rouge’s development. Although many people see Downtown Baton Rouge as one unit, the city is really a series or separate neighborhoods that have grown together over time. Although older than Baton Rouge, few original homes of Spanish Town survived the Civil War, and today, the prevailing architectural styles reflect the early 20th Century when Spanish Town was a thriving University community.

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 Historic Beauregard TownThe neighborhood is a designated National Historic District founded in 1806 by retired military officer and New Orleans mercantile businessman Elias Toutant Beauregard.

Captain Beauregard had extensive land holdings in Baton Rouge, and envisioned a town laid out in the grand manner of European cities with plazas, formal gardens and public buildings. A plan drawn by French engineer and surveyor Arsene LaCarriere La Tour featured public squares, plazas and pleasure gardens; a convent, hospital, college, a coliseum, cemetery and a cathedral.

Although Captain Beauregard’s grand scheme for a European-style town didn’t fully materialize, his vision endures in the charm of the tree-lined streets and architecturally significant homes and offices throughout the historic neighborhood.

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Beauregard Town Civic Association President Melanie Counce Montanaro and member Chris Nichols presented a  check for $1000 to Baton Rouge Police Union represented by Chad King, Donnie Distefano, Chris Stewart and  Kenneth Brewer. Historic Beauregard Town The Association offers this small token of appreciation and support to the men and women on the police who have become an integral part of Downtown Baton Rouge, providing not only protection, but have become a real part of our community.

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