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Downtown Baton Rouge Master Plans Since 1987

The Downtown Development District over the past two decades has been heavily involved in the master planning processes of Downtown Baton Rouge. These important processes have provided our city with tremendous vision and focus to become America’s great next city.  Our most recent master plan “Plan Baton Rouge Two,” has endorsed many of the initiative’s in past master plans; while pushing the envelope on new and fresh ideas. Plan Baton Rouge Two is an update to Plan Baton Rouge One, which has an eighty-five percent implementation percentage. Below is a complete listing of Downtown Baton Rouge Master Plans since 1990. Please click on the links provided to browse many years of creative thinking.

Plan Baton Rouge II Update 2009
Plan Baton Rouge, now in its eleventh year of implementation, has produced a broad local consensus on behalf of creating a more active, livable, enjoyable downtown environment for the city. click here to view!

Riverfront Masterplan 2006
The Baton Rouge Riverfront Master Plan Concept identifies opportunities and constraints for public improvements. Potential private development opportunities were explored in concert with configuring public components, both institutional and open space. click here to view!

Wayfinding Signage 2006 - Component of DVAP
The downtown Wayfinding Signage plan was initiated by the Downtown Development District. The plan has established a sense of place and continuity to the downtown area while making it easily navigable in an asthetically pleasing manner.
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Baton Rouge Parking Study 2004
The issues of parking management and provision have been and will continue to be central to any development efforts in Downtown. This report summarizes a 5-month long parking process that was undertaken to investigate, discuss and develop solutions related to parking demands. Click here to view!

Downtown Visitors Amenity Plan 2003
The primary objective is a conceptual master plan of coordinated amenity impovements to compliment the impressive recent developments, plus premote and support the long-term growth, of the Downtown community. Click here to view!
Master Plan for the New River District 2003
This Master Plan for the New River District of Baton Rouge recognizes the fundamental role that streets play in the life of American cities and provides a framework for transforming the riverfront of Baton Rouge into a vibrant and beautiful urban environment. Click here to view!
Capital Park Interpretive Plan 1999
The goal of this plan was to create a "sense of place" for State Goverment within the fabric of downtown Baton Rouge by applying techniques of established Campus Planning to the development of Capitol Park. Click here to view!
Plan Baton Rouge One
Plan Baton Rouge 1998
For one week, starting June 26, 1998, hundreds of residents of Baton Rouge, came out - not to stop a highway, not to stop a high-rise. They came to participate in a planning charrette devoted to the future of Downtown. Plan Baton Rouge is the product of that effort. Click here to view!
Capital Park Master Plan 1993
The goal of this plan was to relocate and consolidate the state offices to one area here in our downtown. Click here to view!
Baton Rouge Riverfront Plan 1990
This was a masterplan put together by Eskew Filson Architects in collaboration with Chenevert Soderberg Architects.
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Baton Rouge 2000 Update
This plan provided a blueprint for the economic revival of downtown. It created a special district through enabling state legislation which recognizes the unique importance of downtown Baton Rouge to the economic well being of the entire parish. Click here to view!

Riverfront Mater Plan & DeSoto Park Concept Plan 2003
The Mater Plan sets forth nine Implementation Components, adressing key Riverfront issues- connectivity, waterfront identity, placemaking, pedestrian circulation, recreational spaces- with specific and feasible recomendations. Click here to view!


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