Get ready for Repentance Park

Construction is reaching its end with its completion expected at the begining of 2013.

Proposed by the Riverfront Master Plan and Plan BR II, Repentance Park is to be reconfigured as a public open space connecting the Municipal Campus, River Center Campus, North Boulevard Town Square, and the Arts & Entertainment District.

A portion of the existing parapet wall at City Hall Plaza will be removed, encouraging pedestrians to move west into a grove of shade trees that pushes out onto the highest terrace of Repentance Park.  The highest terrace will feature an interactive water fountain under the shade grove.

The new design will encourage more pedestrian activity in the City Hall Plaza area and Repentance Park with a direct ADA connection to North Boulevard Town Square, the Old State Capitol Grounds and the Shaw Center for the Arts by way of a pedestrian promenade along St. Phillip Street.

The transition down to River Road will be a gradual sloped lawn that will create an amphitheater type space for concerts and other performances. A lit pathway will descend along the southern edge of the site, complete with benches oriented toward the Old State Capitol grounds.

The 3 Guiding Principles of the Park Design are:

Connect to the river
Unify open Spaces
Join Institutions and Civic Buildings
Serve and engage neighborhoods
Annex/ Take ownership of River Road


Create a new identity as integral to the Central Green
Develop a consistent vocabulary


Allow for diverse range of use
Design to allow the park to adapt over time


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