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International Downtown Association Awards

2013 IDA Merit Award in Leadership and Management

2013 IDA Merit Award in Public Spaces - Repentance Park

2012 IDA Merit Award in Urban Spaces - North Boulevard Town Square

Winner of: 2011 Merit Award in Planning - Downtown Greenway project

2010 Merit Award Winner in Planning The ‘Greening’ of Downtown - North Blvd Town Square, Repentance Park

2009 Award of Distinction in Leadership and Management

2008 Outstanding Achievement Award - Downtown Wayfinding Signage

Downtown Development District


North Boulevard Town Square is a spectacular greenspace that has transformed the disjointed area between North Boulevard and River Road into a lively downtown center. Town Square is where the city's cultural and civic attractions come together for all to enjoy, and as a result, has spurred new developments around the area. Since its completion two years ago, this premier outdoor event space has hosted over 250 events including festivals, press conferences, concerts, fitness classes, and group gatherings. Click here for more.

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